• We are responsible for static and dynamic malware analysis and detection of malicious behavior patterns.
  • We plan the roadmap for future product upgrades and work with agile scrum methods.
  • Our sub teams are User Interface, Backend, Detection, Engine, QA, Reputation Service, Sensors, Integrations and DevOps.


What is your role at VMRay?

I am responsible for the user interface of our software. In concrete terms, I am working on layout, the design of graphical elements and keep an eye on the user experience. An intuitive and consistent user interface is essential for complex solutions such as ours.

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What do you like most about your job?

My work is special because there are always new and different tasks for which I have to develop solutions. For me personally, as a creative force, it is extremely important to be challenged again and again and to work on varied topics. I never get bored.

What is so special about VMRay for you?

My colleagues are very friendly, ambitious, intelligent and always helpful. VMRay has a good working environment. I believe this is very important for any company.

Technical Lead

What is your role at VMRay?

I was one of the first employees at VMRay and had many different tasks in the beginning. At the moment, I am head of the “Detection” team: we develop our VTI engine and are responsible for detecting malware behavior patterns. In addition, we prepare the analysis results and associated graphics so that they can be made available to the user in an understandable and intuitive way.

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What does a typical working day look like for you?

My day usually starts with breakfast together with colleagues in the office. I usually work on my Scrum tickets, mainly implementing new features for malware analysis. From time to time there are also meetings, where we discuss new projects or existing problems and see how they can be solved. After work, some of us regularly play foosball or darts in our social room.

Describe your team.

I work with different teams here: for example, I spend one week with a colleague where we’re trying to solve a problem with a specific type of malware then I spend the following week with another colleague where we work together to design a new feature for our software. It’s all very dynamic and challenging at the same time, because the malware authors keep coming up with something new.

Software Engineer

What is your role at VMRay?

I work as a software developer in our backend development team. I am currently working on a new update for the user interface of VMRay Analyzer. For me, this is exciting and also satisfying, because my work directly reaches every end-user.

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What is special about VMRay for you?

The best thing about my job at VMRay is that I can combine my field of interest with the things I know and the things I love: IT security and software development.

What do you like about your work style?

I like our agile working methods. We know exactly what we have to do in the next two weeks and work on well-structured and clearly defined tasks.