• We are responsible for static and dynamic malware analysis and detection of malicious behavior patterns.
  • We plan the roadmap for future product upgrades and work with agile scrum methods.
  • Our sub teams are User Interface, Backend, Detection, Engine, QA, Reputation Service, Sensors, Integrations and DevOps.



Technical Lead

What is your role at VMRay?

I was one of the first employees at VMRay and had many different tasks in the beginning. At the moment, I am head of the “Detection” team: we develop our VTI engine and are responsible for detecting malware behavior patterns. In addition, we prepare the analysis results and associated graphics so that they can be made available to the user in an understandable and intuitive way.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

My day usually starts with breakfast together with colleagues in the office. I usually work on my Scrum tickets, mainly implementing new features for malware analysis. From time to time there are also meetings, where we discuss new projects or existing problems and see how they can be solved. After work, some of us regularly play foosball or darts in our social room.

Describe your team.

I work with different teams here: for example, I spend one week with a colleague where we’re trying to solve a problem with a specific type of malware then I spend the following week with another colleague where we work together to design a new feature for our software. It’s all very dynamic and challenging at the same time, because the malware authors keep coming up with something new.

Labs & Research

  • We analyze the latest malware and improve our software
  • We help create blog posts, videos and presentations for our website
  • We present our analysis results at technical conferences for prospects
  • Our sub teams are Malware Analysis and Threat Research

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Threat Researcher

What is your role at VMRay?

I am a malware analyst at VMRay, i.e. I look at current malware and try to improve the analysis capabilities of our solution if necessary. For example, if there are problems with the investigation of a specific malware file, I get to the bottom of the matter and identify the cause. If this is in our software, I contact the development team and suggest improvements.

What has been your most exciting project so far?

There are several. Most people are familiar with WannaCry – a Ransomware that infected Deutsche Bahn, among other companies. It was exciting for me that I could examine this attack in detail and see exactly how it works; determine if new techniques were used and find out if this was something we had already seen. My job was to dismantle it into its components and look closely at each one of them.

Why did you start working at VMRay?

I applied because I think the technology and the working environment here are really exciting. What motivates me at work is how the time seems to fly when I am engaged on a new and exciting project. This is a perfect example where VMRay allows for me to customize my role to fit my work personality.


  • We are responsible for VMRay’s entire IT infrastructure
  • We ensure that our employees can rely on their systems and work productively on their tasks
  • Our Sub-Teams are Infrastructure, Network, Backup and Monitoring, Hardware, Services, Supply Management and Support

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Head of IT

What is your role at VMRay?

I work as an IT-Administrator, a field which spans across all departments of the company. My daily tasks are very diverse which include: user support maintaining our email servers, and securing our network. We host a wide range of services on-prem where we as the IT team ensure a stable operation.

What do you like most about your job?

No day is like the other. While this can be stressful at times it also makes the job exceptionally interesting.

How would you describe your team?

Versatile, spontaneous, creative. It’s getting bigger and more specialized, for example Linux, cloud and support.

Sales & Marketing

  • We run worldwide sales including technical presales & customer support.
  • We conduct product demos and presentations for prospects around the globe.
  • We cover all areas of product marketing from social media channels to conferences and expos.

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Marketing Manager

What makes your job special?

I am responsible for our digital and field marketing efforts. Every time we publish a new video, blog post or attend a conference I am able to see a direct impact.

My role gives me the creative freedom to explore marketing activities that will position VMRay as the best malware sandbox in the industry.

What about VMRay piqued your initial interest?

First and foremost, the technology. As a marketer, it makes my job easier when the product solves a problem with cutting-edge technology, VMRay has that. In addition, being a part of building a marketing team from the ground-up.

With VMRay’s two offices being in the US and Germany, how do they communicate and collaborate?

We are in constant communication via email, instant message, and conference calls. In my role, I collaborate with multiple departments. We schedule weekly calls to make sure we are staying on track with our projects. Any time we have a quick question, the team in the German office is incredibly responsive.



  • We ensure that the financial and legal operations in the office run smoothly
  • Our responsibilities include ensuring liquidity and managing the company in the areas of controlling and accounting
  • Our sub-teams are Finance and Legal

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What is your role at VMRay?

I work as a controller and I am therefore responsible for many financial topics in our company. My daily tasks include the continuously generation of KPIs and the preparation of management reports. Ad hoc evaluations and cost and performance analysis are also included. In addition, there are always different projects such as budget planning, transfer pricing, annual financial statements etc.”.

What was your most exciting project so far?

The further development of management reporting, for which I have developed and introduced various KPIs that support the effectiveness and efficiency in the company. 

Why did you start working at VMRay?

Above all, I was convinced by the possibility that I could work as a controller not only for VMRay GmbH from Bochum, but also for VMRay Inc. from Boston, and play an active role in their development and advancement.
In this way, I am continuously expanding my knowledge and skills step by step.


  • We are responsible for strategic and operative HR work.
  • We have daily interactions with the employees to achieve and maintain high team morale.
  • We take care of the entire recruitment process.
  • We focus on developing an agile and professional organization with a focus on continuing education and career paths to prepare for future growth.
  • We ensure the ongoing adaptation of human resources to bring VMRay forward.
  • Our sub teams are Human Resources Development, Recruiting & Personnel Marketing and Personnel Administration.

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VP People

What is your role at VMRay?

At VMRay, my responsibilities cover the full range of HR management tasks with a focus on hiring and retaining the best talent for the company.

What do you like most about your job?

Above all, I like the autonomy and the technologically demanding environment. There is nothing more enjoyable than recruiting employees who want to be explorers and make the claim to cutting-edge technology, as well as employees who create unique, innovative software products for a safer world and never settle for the current state of affairs.

How would you describe your team?

Digital. Agile. Focused. Target group oriented.


  • We drive and definethe product roadmap for present and future releases, by prioritizing feature requests and market needs
  • Plan and design new features and product concepts, delivering clear and detailed requirements for our R&D team
  • Engage in technical discussions with our customers, as well as prospects, for collecting feedback, ideas and suggestions for improvement
  • Conduct market research and analyze the competitive landscape in order to maintain clear and up-to-date understanding of our addressed markets

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VP Product

What is your role at VMRay?

As the head of Product, I am responsible to lead and execute VMRay’s product strategic direction, bringing game-changing solutions to fulfill our customers’ missions. In a nutshell, this means to identify our customers and market needs, and then translate it into product vision as well as detailed requirements.  

What was your most exciting project so far?

Planning a new release is always a very exciting part of our work. We need to prioritize the different feature requests and ideas based on how these will impact our customers, as well as future business. Then, have a first educated assessment on the effort needed to implement these new changes. These value vs. cost discussions are often very exciting, as it concerns so many aspects – security, software, people and of course, customers satisfaction.

How do you work together?

The Product Management team is working closely with almost all other teams at VMRay. This makes our work very exciting on the one hand, but also means we need to build an effective communication process throughout the company. This is done using a combination of project management tools and process, with periodic meetings in which all the hot topics are discussed. Since our dev teams use SCRUM methodologies, we meet periodically before the beginning of each sprint, to make sure each team has all design requirements in place for the next planned tasks.

Office & Teammanagement

  • We are responsible for making the office run efficiently.
  • We take care of the well-being of our co-workers.
  • As part of the onboarding process we help our new co-workers during the first weeks to learn about our internal processes.
  • We plan events and develop concepts for staff retention.
  • In collaboration with HR, we design internal marketing materials.

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Executive Assistant

What is your role at VMRay?

I occupy two roles at the same time at VMRay. Besides being the Executive Assistant I lead the “Front office“ team.  I am responsible for not only coordinating visitors and answering the phone – Purchase, organization of travels, team events, merchandise, the design of the offices, workplace healthmanagement, etc.. In addition, we collaborate with our HR Team: Onboarding, trainings, Feel good management are issues we master together. My team is responsible for the happiness and carefreeness of the co-workers, to help them doing a competent job.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the diversity of my tasks – each day is different. I like especially the design freedom – I can co-create parts of VMRay independent on every single day and can promote new issues. The working atmosphere at VMRay is awesome, which is also intensified by several team events and benefits. VMRay is like a family – no one is anonymous and everyone seeks for the same goals.

Describe your team.

My team is very young, creative, dynamic and always willing to perform 200%. Therefore we are able to achieve a great deal and master especially new or stressful situations together. I can count on my team!

Quality Assurance and Customer Support

  • We are responsible for the quality of our product and the support of our customers
  • We design and execute manual and automatic tests during development, test fixes for errors reported by customers and support our customers with technical problems
  • Our sub teams are QA and Customer Support

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Head of QA

What is your role at VMRay?

I’m responsible to ensure that we provide the best possible product to our customer. To achieve this, I coordinate with our development and sales team. I like how this allows me to get an in-depth knowledge of our product and gets me in contact with our customers all over the globe.  

How do you work together?

We use agile working methods in both technical and non-technical teams. We have clearly defined scrum meetings where we all meet, report on our work status and prepare plans for the next sprint.

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